Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Looking to Support a Good Cause?

Premium Color Group is a proud sponsor of NAMI New Jersey

NAMI New Jersey is delighted to announce that on Saturday, May 12, 2012, affiliates, members, partners and supporters from the Skylands to the Jersey Shore will "Step Forward for Our Heroes" by walking in support of the mental health needs of the valiant men and women of the armed forces, veterans and their families, as well as those individuals and families who wage a heroic battle daily in the struggle for recovery.

 "National Alliance on Mental Illness acknowledges Premium Color Group as a silver sponsor ($2500 level) on our walk website and our weekly emails.
We are tremendously appreciative of your support, and want to thank you and Andy for your help."

For more information on how to join a team or become a sponsor please visit the link below:

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

PCG Installs a New Konica Minolta C8000

Premium Color Group continues our innovative approach to printing as we upgrade our Digital Printing capabilities.....again!

The C8000 is Konica Minolta's flagship press and it is an amazing piece of printing equipment.

Here's a quick rundown for the non-technical person:
  • Amazing quality on your digital projects.
  • The ability to run heavy paper stock digitally, and we mean real heavy.
  • A new formula for the toner which equals a streak free printing process.
  • In-line booklet making - faster, more economical turnaround on saddle stitched booklets and nested folders.
Here's a quick rundown for the tech-savvy:
  • It prints 1200 x 1200 dpi...
  • Produces 80 pages per minute with no slow down on heavier stock.
  • Uses enhanced organically grown toner - there is no fuser oil needed (no streaking).
  • Through the use of a double Fuser unit - it has the ability to print up to 350 GSM weight paper (16pt stock).
  • It has a 13x19 max sheet size, 12.6x18.9 max image area (includes crops).
  • Contains an inline booklet maker with a face trimming unit.

This new digital press will be located in our Carlstadt facility and it will be complimenting our brand new line of equally impressive Ricoh machines. Included in Carlstadt's current lineup is the Ricoh C900S, a 90 page per minute Color system, and a Ricoh 1107 high speed Black & White digital press.

As you may or may not know our Digital Capabilities do not stop there ....

In the Clifton facility, we have our flagship digital press, the Kodak NexPress. This digital press has it all! Are you familiar with Dimensional Clear? It produces a raised surface (similar to thermography) to your printed piece giving it the look and feel like no other out there. Follow that with a 14" x20.5" max paper size, and a 13.4"x20" max image area. The 5th color unit gives the NexPress the ability to hit any color you can dream of as well as the ability to do Matte printing for a really cool look. Backing up the Nexpress is, another Ricoh C900S Digital Press. Our Clifton facility also houses our Commercial Offset printing presses as well as our complete bindery.

By now you must be scratching your head, wondering if your current printing company has the latest and greatest technology in place.  Well, sad to say, that in this economy, most printing companies remain status quo and they are still working off old school technology that does not offer you the latest and greatest available in digital printing.

At Premium Color Group, we strive to reinvent ourselves each and every day by bringing you the latest that technology has to offer. 

We are so enthusiastic about the quality of this New Konica Minolta digital press, that we would love the chance to get some of your recently printed files so that we can print it out on our equipment for you to see the quality yourself.

We hope, you will end up loving the C8000 as much as we do. 

Ask your sales rep for samples, or send an email to marketing@premiumcolor.com.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Need a Matte Look for Digital Printing?

Have you ever wished your digital print had a MATTE look?

Maybe you didn't even know it was possible, so you never asked!  We just upgraded our NexPress digital press and we can now offer matte digital printing.  Our retail customers are absolutely loving it!

The way it works is we simply change the fusing roller to a special matte fuser, and it completely takes away any shine the ink may have.  When digital printing on an uncoated stock the gloss of the ink doesn't match the dullness of an uncoated paper, until now.  This new fuser completely eliminates any glare.

You may be asking "can it print on gloss paper?".  You bet!  Also it has a really cool look.  We just printed a job for a cosmetics company where they wanted a glossy background and a dull spot varnish.  The product had a lot of specular highlights that would allow the glossy paper to show through.  We used the clear ink in our 5th color station and created spot varnish over the product and it ran with the Matte Fuser on a Kromekote stock.  The customer was blown away and couldn't believe we did it with digital printing!  Keep in mind, any ink on the paper will have the matte look including type.

Our digital press can also print a 5th color PMS or dimensional clear ink (raised printing).  Call us or ask your sales rep for samples, you'll be blown away too!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Premium Color Group Cited for Marketing Excellence

Marketing Plus Award

Premium Color Group was recently awarded a Merit Award of Excellence in NAPL's  Annual Marketing Plus Awards competition for exceptional marketing achievement.

The award in the category of cross channel marketing honored Premium Color Group for the announcement of the Premium Color Group and Handpack Inc. merger using a skillful combination of variable data printing and PURL concepts and strategies.

This award is sponsored by the National Association of Printers and Lithographers (NAPL).  The award recognized Premium Color Group's ability to launch new cross marketing initiatives that will be key drivers for their clients success and growth.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Premium Color Group Suports Sigma Group with Major Project Challenge!

7,000 dealer kits distributed across 21 US Regions

Sigma Group, a major advertising agency in North Jersey recently approached PCG with a seemingly insurmountable challenge.

Sigma's client one of the largest window fashion manufacturers in North America needed to have 7,000 dealers promotional kits produced, printed, packaged and fulfilled throughout the US across 21 regions and completed over a major holiday weekend.  The promotional kits included 25 collateral pieces emanating from 6 different vendors.

To meet these extraordinary requirements and deadlines.  Premium Color Group initiated its "Circle of Quality Control" which included a web based camera.  This enabled Sigma from their offices to have the ability to view the PCG production floor, in real time as the project was in the works.  Premium coordinated all elements of the project working simultaneously with all 6 sub-vendors.

The end result was the project was a major success.  Sigma's client reported that the promotion turned out to be the most successful consumer rebate in their history!

Monday, October 24, 2011

The Smile Factor...Increased Success for Customers Direct Marketing

Campaigns Featuring DirectSmile Personalization

To support our clients needs to customize and personalize their marketing campaigns and generate greater response rates to their direct mail programs, Premium Color Group hs integrated the new DirectSmile VDP Studio as part of their suite of one-to-one marketing services.

This new software combined with our Kodak NexPress Digital Color Printing Press and Rioch's C900 Color Production System enables us to produce customized and variable images for print marketing campaigns and to help increase interest in the clients marketing message.

With DirectSmile software we can create fonts out of anything----snowflakes, falling leaves and foot prints in the sand are just a few examples of personalized and specialized campaigns we are planning for our clients.

Our clients are experiencing great results and exceptional returns on their marketing investments (ROMI) with the DirectSmile image personalization program and our suite of variable data print (VDP) software products.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Are You Using QR Codes in Your Print Material Yet?

You should be and here is why....QR (Quick Response) codes are popping up everywhere.  If you own a smart phone you can simply download a QR Code Reader usually for free and it is as easy as snapping a picture of the code.  The information is then saved on your phone for future use.  It really is that simple.  Many of our PCG clients from large to small are requesting these on their printed materials as an additional way to advertise or direct consumers to a specific website with special offers. 
As their usage grows in popularity we are seeing this as a way for print and technology to work closely together.  You need somewhere to put the code in order for people to be able to scan it, this is where print is especially important.  They can be placed anywhere brochures, business cards, postcards, displays, signs, posters, advertisements, you name it Premium Color can put your QR Code on any of your materials.  They can also hold all kinds of information, phone numbers, or website information.   We can work with you on how to place your QR Code on your print materials.

Here is ours!  Happy Scanning!